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11 Bad Moms Who Make YOU Look Like Mother of the Year

This one goes out to all the mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day! Put down that sippy cup of wine and give yourself a pat on the back. Parenthood is hard, messy, and sometimes makes you want to lock yourself in the bathroom and cry (or is that just me?). But guess what? You not bad moms. You’re doing great! And to prove it, here’s a list of moms who make even your worst tantrum-throwing toddler days look like a walk in the park.

  1. Magda Goebbels: As bad moms go, it doesn’t get any badder. This Nazi mom tragically poisoned all six of her children rather than let them live in a world without the Hitler. Talk about overreacting to a change in government.
  2. Mommie Dearest (Joan Crawford): Wire hangers? Really? This Hollywood icon was notorious for her abusive parenting tactics. Just remember, you don’t have to be a movie star to be a great mom. Often times, the opposite is true.
  3. Medea: This mythological mom took revenge on her cheating husband by murdering their children. Sure, divorce is tough, but maybe try therapy before using the kids to fight your battles.
  4. Diane Downs: This woman shot her three children and then herself to frame her ex-boyfriend. Talk about a toxic breakup.
  5. Livia Soprano: This mob wife’s manipulative and controlling behavior would give even the most overbearing mother-in-law a run for her money.
  6. The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland): “Off with their heads!” isn’t exactly a helpful parenting mantra. Sometimes, a time-out is all you need.
  7. Dina Lohan: This stage mom is infamous for allegedly squandering her daughter Lindsay Lohan’s fortune and enabling destructive behavior. Thou shalt not living off your kid’s paycheck!
  8. Margaret White (Carrie): This fanatically religious mother terrorized her telekinetic daughter, ultimately pushing her over the edge and causing a bloody prom night massacre. Sometimes it’s hard to understand your children, but don’t lock them in a closet and call them a witch!
  9. Blanche Hudson (What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?): This faded actress tormented her disabled sister in this classic psychological thriller. Sibling rivalry is one thing, but this was just plain cruel.
  10. Nico: This iconic singer and Warhol superstar tragically began her son Ari’s heroin addiction, which ultimately led to both their deaths.
  11. Mrs. Eleanor Shaw Iselin (The Manchurian Candidate): Angela Lansbury’s chilling portrayal of this political puppet-master who brainwashes her own son is the stuff of nightmares. You may be strict, but you’re not manipulating your kid into becoming an assassin, hopefully.

Remember, no one is perfect, and even the most disastrous bad moms can teach us how far we are from being truly bad parents. So chin up, mama, you’re doing great! Do you know any bad moms we missed? Please share in the comments below or on Facebook. We’re always up for funny and scary stories alike.


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